Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming in Melbourne

When it comes to finding a reputable tree trimming service in Melbourne, you want one that listens to you and understands your needs. Tree trimming is often performed on trees that require hedging, or trees that are growing too close to assets such as buildings or structures. Tree trimming can help formative young trees so that they confirm and fit into different gardens or environments, or large trees to thin canopies and provide more natural light.

Whether you need tree trimming in Melbourne for aesthetic, safety or functional purposes, you can trust Eucalyptus Tree Services to get the job done.

An Expert Tree Trimming Service for Your Property

Eucalyptus Tree Services can carry out any kind of tree trimming service to ensure your complete satisfaction. Choose from any of the four degrees of trimming, including:

  • Fine trimming, where we cut out the small limbs to enhance the tree’s appearance
  • Standard trimming, which serves to improve the branch structure of the tree
  • Hazard trimming, in which branches that have a diameter greater than two inches are removed – particularly if they pose a safety risk
  • Crown reduction trimming, where major branches are removed from trees that have suffered storm damage, are decayed, or the branches are interfering with power lines.

Every tree trimming service is fully insured for your confidence. For the most thorough, safe and affordable tree trimming Melbourne wide, get in touch with Eucalyptus Tree Services. Contact us online or call 0402 328 321.