Tree Services Melbourne

In the same way that people see a doctor in times of sickness or injury, so too do trees require the expertise of an arborist tree service to maintain their health and minimise the risk to people or property.

Eucalyptus Tree Services provide a wide range of tree services in Melbourne, all conducted in a professional and friendly manner. Whether you need a hedge trimmed or a large tree expertly pruned or removed, get in touch with Eucalyptus Tree Services.

How We Can Help You

Looking for a specific tree service? Our experienced arborists assist residential, commercial and civil clients with a wide range of tree services in Melbourne, including:

  • Tree and stump removal – For dead dangerous or wanted trees that pose a risk or are unsightly, or for stumps that can become trip hazards, attract pests such as termites or take up valuable garden space.
  • Tree pruning – Expert tree pruning to formatively shape your trees, rectify structural issues such as codominant stems, or maintain property or structure clearances.
  • Pest and disease management – We can identify and provide solutions to problems affecting the health of your trees, including possums, decay, and pests and diseases.
  • Cabling and bracing – We can install steel or soft cables to support trees at risk of failure, increasing their life span and protecting people and property.
  • Consultancy and arborist reports – We can provide professional arborist advice for tree condition and health, hazard reports, or for planning and development sites.

All tree services should be performed by qualified arborists like the team at Eucalyptus Tree Services, performing work to the highest standards and complying with all health and safety requirements and Australian Standards.

Eucalyptus Tree Services has over 15 years of experience in the amenity tree service industry and can be trusted and relied upon to perform all tree services in Melbourne. Call us today on 0402 328 321 to obtain a no-obligation, free quote.