Tree Branch Removal

Tree Branch Removal

Tree branch removal is essential for trees with branches that might be getting too close to power lines, or that are in danger of falling onto houses or even people. Whether they’re on privately owned land or a public space commonly used by the community, these branches need to be removed before they become a hazard. For reliable and experienced tree branch removal and tree surgery services in metropolitan Melbourne, you can trust the professionals with more than ten years of experience at Eucalyptus Tree Service to get the job done.

Protecting Melbourne’s Residential and Commercial Properties

Eucalyptus Tree Services provides Melbourne homeowners, commercial property owners and local councils with professional tree branch removal services that help to protect properties and community spaces from rotted or potentially fire-causing tree branches. Our experienced arborists can remove the hazardous branches without causing damage to the tree itself, ensuring it remains viable for years to come. We always clean up after a tree branch removal job and are fully insured for your protection.

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If you suspect that branches on a tree on your property or in your nearby area are a potential hazard, get in touch with Eucalyptus Tree Services for expert tree branch removal. Call us today on 0402 328 321 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation quote.