Arborist Report

Arborist Report

If you’re in the business of land development, you’ll know how important it is to have an independent arborist report completed as part of the application process for a permit. The arborist report details the species, sizes and respective conditions of trees on a block of land, information which is then used to determine whether a tree must be protected or can be removed. The report can be used both in the application for a tree permit or in the appeal of a rejected permit. Call the experienced professionals at Eucalyptus Tree Services today to organise a comprehensive arborist report.

The Professionals with Over 10 Years of Experience

Eucalyptus Tree Services has been one of Melbourne’s premier arborist report compilers for over ten years for everyone from corporate developers to property renovators. There are four report types available, and we can assist you with any of them. Come to us when you need:

  • Pre-Development Vegetation Assessments: This report helps ascertain the retention value of your site’s existing trees. It is applied for during the early stages of development planning.
  • Development Application Reports: This arborist report aims to tackle council concerns about how your development proposal fits in with the surrounding trees.
  • Tree Management Plans: This is the report of choice for sites that feature a large number of existing mature trees, such as schools and golf courses). The report outlines a plan to monitor the condition of the trees.
  • Hazard Tree Risk Assessments: If a site is relatively small in size with a small number of trees, developers may need to submit an arborist report that establishes the potential of hazard risk among the trees.

If you need a report prior to submitting your development proposal in Melbourne, get in touch with Eucalyptus Tree Services for a comprehensive arborist report. Call us on 0402 328 321 or contact us online.