Mulching & Chipping
Mulching & Chipping

Mulching Services in Melbourne

Tree mulching offers a wealth of benefits not only for your garden, but for the planet in general. Mulching helps to control the growth and spread of weeds, retain the moisture in the soil, prevent soil erosion, infuse the soil with valuable nutrients, control pests, encourage earth worms to inhabit the area, and give the garden a more ‘complete’ look. All in all, mulching contributes significantly to the development of a healthy, sustainable environment for the future. If you’re looking for experienced mulching services in Melbourne, you can trust Eucalyptus Tree Service to get the job done with maximum ease and minimum fuss.

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When you hire a Eucalyptus Tree Services tree mulcher, you enjoy the benefits of more than 10 years of experience providing tree mulching services Melbourne wide. From privately owned properties (residential and commercial) to heavily frequented public spaces like parks and reserves, our mulching service ensures that your garden can continue to reap the benefits of your recently cut down tree for some time to come.

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Eucalyptus Tree Services is a leading supplier and producer of tree mulch for private and public gardens across Melbourne. If you have a tree on your property that you would like mulched, give our tree mulchers a call on 0402 328 321 or contact us online.

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