Professional Tree Services in Brunswick

Eucalyptus Tree Services is proud to offer professional tree services in Brunswick, with a team of highly trained and experienced arborists who can provide assistance for residential and commercial properties. Whether you want large trees removed from confined spaces or you need emergency assistance when trees fall over, we can get the job done in a safe and efficient manner.

Tree Pruning in Brunswick

If nearby trees are growing unchecked and looking more untamed as time goes by, the team at Eucalyptus Tree Services can provide tree pruning in Brunswick. Our arborists are fully capable of trimming hedges, clearing branches, removing deadwood and reducing crowns to improve appearance and allow more natural light to spread through.

Tree Removals in Brunswick

There are various reasons why you might need tree removals in Brunswick. For example, a tree may have died or become a hazard. On the other hand, a tree might be interfering with land development or building renovations. Fortunately, we have access to the latest tools and techniques to safely remove small and large trees.

Stump Removal in Brunswick

When trees have been cut down, an unsightly and hazardous stump is often left behind that prevents the space from being utilised. Our arborists can provide prompt stump removal in Brunswick, leaving behind virtually no trace of the tree that once stood there.

Additional Tree Services in Brunswick

We also offer various other tree services in Brunswick, including:

  • Hedge Trimming – We can trim, prune, reshape and maintain hedges for residential and commercial properties to add privacy, control the growth of trees and add aesthetic appeal
  • Tree Planting – We can source advanced trees from leading nurseries around Melbourne as well as undertake the necessary digging and planting on your behalf
  • Tree Transplanting – We can carefully excavate trees of all sizes and ages, moving them to more suitable locations while taking the necessary precautions
  • Mulching & Chipping – Our mulching and chipping service can prevent the growth of weeds, retain moisture in the soil, prevent soil erosion and control the spread of pests
  • Pests & Disease – We can complete plant diagnostics to identify the presence of pests and diseases, prescribing treatments that maintain the health and safety of your trees

Give us a call on 0402 328 321 to learn more about our tree services in Brunswick and request a quote.

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