Brunswick East

Discover Our Tree Services in Brunswick East

Do you need trees pruned or removed entirely? Are you concerned about unsightly and potentially hazardous stumps? The arborists at Eucalyptus Tree Services are fully capable of providing the best tree services in Brunswick East. We’ve earned a reputation for getting the job done properly, using the best equipment and the most effective techniques to carry out a range of tree services. With over 10 years of experience under our belts, you can rely on us to deliver superior results and achieve your desired outcome.

Tree Pruning in Brunswick East

If trees are growing too close to power lines or encroaching on surrounding structures and public services, Eucalyptus Tree Services offers tree pruning in Brunswick East to help you avoid problems. Our qualified tree surgeons have the tools and means to remove extraneous branches that can cause safety risks and trim leaves that block natural sunlight.

Tree Removals in Brunswick East

Whether a tree has died or simply outgrown its location, tree removals in Brunswick East can safely and efficiently remove them. This eliminates the pressure the trees place on nearby buildings, pathways and utilities. Backed by $20 million in public liability insurance, we can be trusted to get the job done and put your mind at ease.

Stump Removal in Brunswick East

Have you removed one or more trees from your property, leaving behind unsightly stumps that create tripping hazards and stop you from using the space for other purposes? We’re proud to offer stump removal in Brunswick East without causing harm to the surrounding area.

Additional Tree Services in Brunswick East

There are also other tree services in Brunswick East that we can help you with, some of which include:

  • Our hedge trimming involves trimming, pruning and reshaping hedges so that they look more appealing, provide more privacy and control the growth of trees in confined spaces
  • Our tree planting services source advanced trees from leading nurseries around Melbourne, prepare the ground and have them planted
  • Our tree transplanting excavates trees of all types and sizes, relocating them to more suitable locations rather than destroying them needlessly
  • Our mulching and chipping offers various benefits such as controlling the spread of weeds, infusing soil with valuable nutrients and encouraging earth worms to inhabit the area
  • Our tree pest and disease control measures include treating infestations and formulating long-term prevention strategies

To learn more about our tree services in Brunswick East, get in touch with us today by calling 0402 328 321.

  • We have 10 years of experience
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Comply with OH&S regulations