Tree Removal Melbourne

Tree Removal MelbourneEucalyptus Tree Services is the leading provider of professional tree removal in Melbourne. Trees can require removal for a range of different reasons, including being dangerous or dead. Dead and dying trees can look unsightly and give a bad first impression, as well as posing a fire risk throughout providing dry fuel to burn through.

Our removal services can also help with dangerously placed or unstable trees, such as tall trees that can drop branches above your house, potentially causing damage and harm.

Stump Removal Melbourne

In addition to tree removal, our professional arborists offer a stump removal service. Removing stumps is essential to prevent them from rotting, which in turn can attract pests such as termites to your garden. Rotting stumps are also unsightly, and can prevent you from utilising the space for other purposes such as planting plants, or paving over the area.

Stump Removal Melbourne

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For a reliable quote for tree and stump removal services in Melbourne, contact us today. With over ten years of experience in arboriculture, we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to get the job done in an efficient and safe manner.

Whether you require the removal of a stump or more extensive work such as tree removal, Eucalyptus Tree Services will be able to assist you. Contact us today on 0402 328 321 to discuss your needs and obtain an obligation free quote for our services.

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